Timed Shutdown

Timed Shutdown

Shutdown, restart, log off, disconnect or hibernates your computer
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If you have an ATX computer (which most now are) you can use this program to automatically shutdown your computer. This can be useful if you are setting your computer to do something when you are not there e.g. Upoloads, downloads, Encoding, etc. You can configure the program to turn your computer with 4 triggers.

Timed Shutdown helps you to automatically shutdown, restart, log off, disconnect or hibernate your computer. There are four triggers that can be used: at a certain time of the day, after a countdown, when the CPU usage goes down certain limit or when your computers get disconnected from the internet.

Your computer doesn't have to be ON more time than necessary. When running, the program goes to the system tray so it can be easily aborted. Moreover, it gives you the option of a 5-60 second countdown. You can also configure the program from the command line; for instance, if you usually use the same settings.

Force the status of your computer at a certain time, after a countdown, when the CPU usage goes down or when you get disconnected from the internet. It also gives the option of a 5 second countdown, again in case you change your mind. You can also shutdown without a trigger if you add a switch in the command line. This shuts down as soon as it is run and can be used at the end of a batch file.

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